SEO And SMO Marketing

Internet and its audience do not wait for anyone –no matter how authentic your post or website is, without a proper ranking, it will never make it to top page of search engines. Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the most effective approach to gain audience traffic for your site so that more and more people are able to recognize your image from the mass. In this context, both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) comes in handy as part of the umbrella term of SEM.

Search Engine Optimization

The natural process of enhancing the website visibility on the SERPs by implementing content optimization, user-friendly architecture and improving functionality and readability is called SEO.

There are Black Hat SEO (using techniques like hidden text and link, spam link and keyword) and White Hat SEO (using quality contents, HTML optimization and link acquisition), where the latter has high wholesomeness and offers steady long-lasting rank growth.

How SEO Works?

The primary task of SEO is targeting keyword based on relevance, search volume and competition. Using keyword suggestion tools also help. Now the task begins -


Keyword is used in the title tag that doesn’t exceed 60 characters. A catchy meta-description is used as HTML element on site code. Unique content with sharable features, relevant pictures with Alt attribute helps increasing user-experience. The URLs are made short and descriptive enough to understand and copy.

Link development

One of the best SEO Techniques is to omit submissions of free directory and using relevant well-researched links. Quality is what matters over quantity.

Page Interlink

Pages on the website are organized and interlinked while using compact anchor text on the links for better understanding. The major search pages are placed higher on information architecture.

Reverse Engineering and Promoting

The popular websites are looked upon to determine what appeals to users best and to improve accordingly. Promoting other websites or other products also help in getting help from their side in promotion of your site.

Social Media Optimization – Why You Need It ?

From blogging platforms like Blogspot and WordPress to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Video Sharing platforms like YouTube as well as various bookmarking sites, social news sites and RSS Feeds are targeted by SMO. It optimizes not only the product, content or service of the site but also enhances discoverability of the site with communities and outlets.

  • It increases visibility on search engine and introduces to more people by branding
  • It helps the brand to gain accessibility through audio, video and mobile
  • With no extra investments, it generates traffic on global scale
  • With the help of SEO and SEM, it helps improving ranking on search engines.

Strategies of SMO

In order to make the best out of SMO, the following strategies are taken -

  • Sharing tools for social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are added to the site as well as the posts so that the direct website links can help in higher rankings with web authority.
  • Social media optimization services also help in easy tagging by giving relevant tag suggestions so that they appear during keyword search. Bookmarking is also made easy.
  • The profiles are filled properly with all the necessary information included so that search engines help in offering a professional and consistent user experience.
  • Inbound link rewarding helps in overall rankings, so does the listing of linking blogs for more visibility
  • SEO-based keyword using in natural flow is an effective way for getting better ranking in social media as well as in search engines.
  • Portable contents are helped to circulate more by submitting the audio, video, pdf or doc files to relevant sites.
  • Relevant cover image is customized to fit in maximum devices

By keeping shareable and relevant content and updating regularly, SEO and SMO together can enhance the effectiveness of the SEM to give you a strong media presence.